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Have you ever heard that the best perfumes are in the smallest bottles? The Uno is our smallest diffuser, but it is as powerful for its purposes as the biggest one! Don’t underestimate the impact of little things. Small, stunning and impeccably scented!

  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Long lifespan air pump
  • Concise appearance design, can be used as decoration
  • Delicate aluminum alloy material
  • Timer program and adjustment of oil concentration

UNO Video 


When placing your order, kindly specify the Aroma you would like in the special instructions box.


Aroma Profiles





Cloves-Patchouli-White Musk-Amber



Green Tea-Jasmine-Lemon-Geranium-Amber-Musk 



Bergamot-Violets-Irises-Orchids-Roses-Tonka bean



Black Fig-Bergamot-Rose-Cedarwood



Bergamot-Saffron-Rose Damascene-Amber-Oud






Bergamot-Sage-White Musk-Amber-Moss



Ginger-Jasmine-Sweet Lilac-Geranium-Sandalwood


Cedar-White Tea-Ginger-Vanilla-Aloe Vera






Your Royal Highness, a scent.
Combining rich elements from various olfactory families, Royalty delivers the greatness of details encapsulated in a seductive dynamic scent. Essentially floral and fruity, it’s also woody and aromatic. Royalty’s enigmatic aroma leans on top citric notes of lemon while warmed by clove leaves and patchouli. At last, sensual base notes of white musk and amber hang in the air. Long live Royalty!

Spring Escape   

Our powerful Spring Escape aroma incorporates green tea elements, rich jasmine, lemon flower, earthy geranium, sandalwood, sensual amber, and notes of musk. Are you ready for a floral escapade?


Put some pep back in your step and experience the feeling of walking on sunshine. Our uplifting fragrance is guaranteed to brighten even the darkest days. Youthful top notes of lemon, bamboo and energizing ginger burst through a sophisticated bouquet of enchanting jasmine, sweet lilac and delicate geranium. A base of earthy vetiver, rich sandalwood and warm amber add complexity and longevity without sacrificing the fragrance’s iridescent vitality. Who knew that life really could be all sunshine and roses?

Hall of Fame       

Elegance, unlike beauty, never fades. Don’t let your signature scent fade. Lush sandalwood, Tuscan leather, fresh lemons, spicy cardamom and inviting amber blend into pure luxury: our Hall of Fame fragrance. Can you hear the applause and the “wows”?


Top Note – Bergamot, Saffron
Middle Note – Rose Damascene, Sandal, Benzoin Resinoid
Base Note – Amber, Suede, Oud

Black Diamond        

Our Black Diamond fragrance is synonym to sophistication. If a scent could shine, this would be the one. Indulge in the powerful aromas of black fig, bergamot, rose, and cedarwood. A subtle musky base and a zesty lemon twist unravel a bold and fascinating aroma that will make your eyes gleam bright like diamonds with amusement.

Natural Palace          

Top: Green Tea, Lemon Flower, Ginger
Mid: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
Base: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk



Break the rules.

Challenge the status quo with a fresh aromatic fusion of bergamot, white flowers, sage and sweet woods that merge with base notes of white musk, amber and moss. Vibrant and mesmerizing, Elegance Aroma’s Status fragrance is a recipe for olfactory boldness and success!

FIRST LOVE           

Do you remember your first love? It’s no secret that smells can trigger emotions. Create an impactful emotional response with our First Love fragrance, bringing into play the sophistication of sweet bergamot combined with luscious berry, a hint of jasmine, freshly cut oakmoss, and sensual vanilla. Love is in the air.


Magic converted into a scent.
Powdery, woody, creamy and sweet, Elixir exudes notes of bergamot, violets, irises, orchids and caramelized sugar that blend in the warmness of amber laced with white roses and osmanthus. Sandal, poudre, mosses and tonka bean compose its fine lingering base notes. Smells have a language of their own. But if words were enough, we’d say “Elixir”.


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Luxury embroidery

Classic checks are elaborately embroidered on the surface leather, making your mats beautiful and distinctive

High-quality Materials

The surface is fine leather and inter-layer is XPE. So the mat can be rigid but also very flexible

Precisely measured

Using laser scanner to precisely measure each individual model's floorboard to create the perfect fit.